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ARAMIS – ARAMIS 900 (Generic Inspired *)


Inspired by ARAMIS – ARAMIS 900

  •  You almost expected a dry herbaceous scent. Instead, you find a lovely unisex woody, slightly green, floral chyphre. It is definitely geranium/rose heavy in the mid notes; the iris/spicy carnation make for a much more enjoyable experience than many so-called “masculine florals”. The woody, mossy dry down is one of the best.

    Just love its highly distinctive herbily, rosy, woody dry down that’s perhaps a little controversial If you like Grey Flannel and its masculine smelling florals, you’ll almost certainly like 900 too for the same reasons.

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Inspired by ARAMIS – ARAMIS 900

  • ARAMIS – ARAMIS 900 Men looking for a long-lasting, fresh fragrance to wear for a night on the town cannot go wrong with aramis 900 herbal . This scent is perfect for daily use, and it falls right in the middle of being too strong or too light, striking an ideal balance

    Top notes of brazilian rosewood, green notes, coriander, lemon and bergamot. Jasmine, geranium, lily of the valley, orris roots. Carnation and rose make up the middle notes.While amber, civet, vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli and oakmoss close out with the base notes. 

    Every Man wants to be the one who carries his scents the best. Buying the right cologne is the first step. While many men think that having one bottle of cologne is the way to go. We’d recommend having a fresher fragrance to use in summer, leaving the woodier, spicier colognes for the cooler months.

    Cologne is made of molecules that break down over time, meaning you want to set the cologne up to break down over as long a time as possible. In doing so, the cologne will then evaporate in layers, revealing first its top notes, then its mid-notes, and finally, its base notes.The top notes hit almost immediately after applying a perfume, but they last mere moments. Middle notes replace the top notes, staying about one hour after application. Following the fade of the middle notes, the base notes take over. These heady scents will last for several hours, and they generally make the most memorable impression.

     ARAMIS 900 Comes in different sizes. It is the Generic Equivalent fragrance from Inspired Fragrance and have no affiliation with the original manufacturers/ designers. Our interpretation of these fragrances were created through reverse engineering, and the purpose of this description is to give the customer an idea of scent character,not to mislead or confuse the customer. This web site has no affiliation to and is not associated or sponsored by any of these trademark owners. This web site allows customers to compare prices and quality of the designer’s brand products to ours. Our fragrances are perfume oils and not original perfumes or colognes


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