How Does Your Perfume Feel

Written by Jody Futter – Perfume Feels .

One of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning is put my perfume on, it’s part of my morning ritual. It makes me feel refreshed, and I always put enough on so it will last me the whole day, and also draw compliments on the scent I’m wearing, I just love the feeling I get when I receive a compliment, it’s one of my favourite feelings – proud; proud of the amazing perfume that I wear and advertise.

So what is this mysterious perfume that brings me such joy and feeling of amazement. It’s non other than THIERRY MUGLER – WOMANITY after a while  it becomes a fresh fig-theme scent. It’s fruity sweet with a hint of saltiness, crisp and sparkling.  To me, it’s a woody-fruity fragrance.It satisfies the cravings for floral, clean, beachy.

It feels like a smooth evening summer scent. With soft floral and an oceanic background. This lends itself to the imagining of being at a beach with lush florals and coconut tanning lotion. Neither too salty nor too sweet….just lovely.

Do you ever feel that way about your perfume? Would you like to feel that way? Well, now is your chance! We have a selective variety of perfumes ranging from sweet to neutral and from flowery to fruity. Try them out by buying the 30 or 20ml to sample, find your favourite and then if you like them, why not tell your friends and family? Share that special feeling!

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