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About Us Inspired Fragrance

Sonia Rykie once said “ Fragrances follow you: it chases you and lingers behind you. It’s a reference mark. Perfume makes silence talk.”

Are you inspired by her words? You will have to agree that just the right fragrance puts that finishing touch to your elegance.

It shouts out your personality, sometimes subtly, and at other times it proclaims the wild child you would like to be.

Can you imagine a world without fragrances? How boring! How dull!

No we don’t want to be dull or boring, we want to experiment, we want to have fun, we want to change our personalities to suit our mood.

Thank heavens for the fine fragrances that are available to us at Inspired Fragrance. Each with its own subtle nuances. Each affording us the opportunity to fulfil our every desire

We at Inspired Fragrance rejoice with you in these possibilities. We celebrate the freedom to be different, to be liberated by the finest fragrance, to explore your inner self.

We strive to make all of this possible by giving you fragrances that are inspired by the most outstanding scents found around the world. By sampling our Swiss sourced products we invite you to enjoy a journey that will indulge every one of your senses.

Our range is designed to mimic those well known fragrances for both men and women, but without sacrificing the quality of the original perfume. Our product will clothe your body in your favourite scent for hours, thus allowing you a long lasting  satisfaction.

As you glance through our product list you will find the choices endless. It affords you  just the right fragrance to suit your mood. We strive to always update that list, giving you all  of the latest scent’s you crave

Inspired Fragrance is dedicated to satisfying our customers desires and continually research new and exciting fragrances to add  to our range. This objective has resulted in us partnering with a Swiss based manufacturer, who has been servicing the fragrance business for over 90 years with a reputation for outstanding quality. This partnership gives us the unique ability to be creative  and innovative in our product choice and puts us ahead of the competition.

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The Generic Equivalent fragrances from INSPIRED FRAGRANCE have no affiliation with the original manufacturers/ designers.
Our interpretation of these fragrances were created through reverse engineering, and the purpose of this description is to give the customer an idea of scent character,
not to mislead or confuse the customer

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